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exciting update from the field

In early January, Isaya and Aric took off to Tanzania on a mission to spread the word about TWO and connect with representatives from the Datoga, Hadzabe, Iraqw, Maasai, and Sukuma communities we will work with. They have been working hard, laughing hard, and relentlessly connecting with individuals whose own ideals are aligned with our goal. We are so proud of the work they are doing and very thankful to those who have helped to make this mission possible. More photos and updates to come soon!

Here are some photos of their trip so far:

TWO meets with Iraqw communityA meeting between TWO and an Iraqw community–one of many meetings!

This Maasai woman is part of the awesome crew of jewelry-making ladies in Isaya’s village, who are thrilled to have an alternative source of independent come when the men are away with the cattle.
maasai kids playing by bomaChildren playing outside a boma in Eluai.

Isaya's grandmother
Here, Isaya’s grandmother is contemplating the future of her community, and how it relates to the mission of TWO.

Isaya contemplating
Isaya takes a moment to ponder the situation faced by the Hadzabe community.

Isaya and some Hadzabe folks in an old home
Pictured here is Isaya and a group of Hadzabe who used to inhabit this cave. Many Hadzabe (traditionally hunters and gatherers) have recently moved on in search of food and water.

Hadzabe man thinking about friends moving on
This Hadzabe man told us about how many of his friends have recently moved on in search of food and water, while he chose to remain.

TWO rep for the Hadzabe community
This leader from the Hadzabe community stepped forward as a TWO representative for his people.

Isaya learning about how the Datoga make jewelry

The Datoga are known for their beautiful jewelry, some of which we will soon have for sale. Here, Isaya and Aric sit with Datoga blacksmiths, learning about how the jewelry is made.

Isaya talking to his younger brother

Isaya enjoying seeing his little brother, whom he hadn’t seen for two years before this trip.

datoga water committee

Here, Isaya gets an update on H2O issues from the Datoga water committee.

Datoga grandmother thinking on families

This Datoga grandmother shared with us her concern for the future of her family.

Iraqw woman

The Iraqw woman featured below professed to TWO her excitement about our mission.


About the warriors organization

The Warriors Organization is a 501(c)3 that was formed to help empower and sustain indigenous communities in Tanzania. We are committed to working with Datoga, Hadzabe, Iraqw, Maasai and Sukuma communities in Tanzania, helping to keep them alive, to keep their cultures alive, and providing them with educational and economic opportunities that are fitting to their needs.

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