October News

Lots of things are brewing with the Warriors Organization–it’s an exciting time for us, filled with anticipation and enthusiasm about upcoming projects and events.

In just 8 days, our volunteer and board member, Michele Christle, will be running the Hartford Marathon to fundraise for TWO. We are incredibly thankful to everyone who has donated and helped us to spread the word.¬†All donations will go to supporting TWO’s upcoming projects in Tanzania. It’s not too late to donate, or to come watch Michele cross the finish line in Hartford on October 13, 2012.

photo/gif by Derek Yorks

Our designer, Aric Gutnik has been busy designing some stylish t-shirts for the Warriors Organization, which will soon be available for purchase. We will let you know as soon as we get our hands on them. If you come and watch the marathon, we’ll give you one for free! See the picture below for a sneak peek.

What is this all leading to? In January 2013, Isaya, Michele and Aric will be traveling back to Tanzania, to lay more of the groundwork for a successful project. One of TWO’s fundamental beliefs is that community participation must be at the core of all of our projects. During this mission, TWO will be meeting with representatives from each of the 5 indigenous communities we work with, conducting interviews, performing needs assessments, and scouting out possible sites for the Community Education Center we hope to build within the next 5 years.

Looking ahead, we are excited to be participating in Cultural Survival’s holiday bazaars in Cambridge in December, where we will be selling unique jewelry hand-made by members of Isaya’s community, t-shirts, and talking to folks about what we do, alongside representatives from many other organizations that work with indigenous populations and communities worldwide. We hope you will stop by and say hello. More details to come as we get closer to those dates.

We are still looking for volunteers to help us in a number of areas, especially in grant-writing and fund-raising–please contact us if you are interested. Lastly, we are always looking to connect with organizations and individuals who are working on similar issues. If folks come to mind that you think we should have a cup of chai and a chat with, please let us know–we are building this organization from the ground up and are very grateful to you all for helping us to grow and be successful in our mission to empower indigenous communities in Tanzania to protect and defend themselves and their culture!